Tokenomics Research

Tokenomics Research

💸 $7,500 USDC for 3 Weeks of Strategic Research

Ketto is the largest crowdfunding platform in India. Using their tools, any individual across the country can raise funds for healthcare problems they may be facing. With more than 500,000 donors using their platform, they are the single best resource for medical fundraising in Southeast Asia.

Scope of Work

Ketto is a community first organization and is intrigued by the possibility of entering into Web3. They need a team of individuals to research a few key areas:

  • How the healthcare industry is adopting Web3
  • What other players are making a Web3 play
  • What value a Ketto token would have
  • What the value proposition of a Ketto token would be
  • How the token can supercharge Ketto's growth
  • How to distribute the token
  • What the technology stack should be
  • What regulatory concerns need to be addressed

The winning team will be responsible for crafting a research report along with a 60 minute presentation to convey the ideas in the report.

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