Recruit Talent

Recruit Talent

🔎 Hire Crypto Talent, Faster

In the world of Web3, capital is a commodity and talent has become the scarcest resource. Projects eager to expand their teams have to resort to Twitter posts and Job Board listings (and the deluge of half-baked applications that come with them) to try and find valuable team members. Finding the right talent becomes a full-time job itself, stealing away precious time from teams that are trying to build.

Our community has the talent, reach, and crypto-native sensibilities to save you dozens of hours of legwork. When you work with Superteam to recruit talent, we manage the process end to end. We’ll source the talent, evaluate them ourselves, and show you only the best matches.

Access our extensive network

We have more than 5,000 Solana developers and 100s of crypto-native designers, marketers, and community managers in our Discord waiting to make your company stronger.

Get in front of millions of people

Reach an audience of over 800k subscribers on our Youtube channels dedicated to crypto, careers and everything tech and finance. Get further distribution across our 6m+ Twitter followers.

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🎁 The Process

Step #1: Align

Together, we’ll identify your hiring criteria so that we can effectively filter the applicants to your team's needs and culture.

Step #2: Discover

We’ll receive and vet applications and send you a portal that includes the profiles of the best candidates.

Step #3: Hire

Take 30 days to evaluate the candidate as a full time team member. Only pay the recruiting fee if they are a clear long-term fit.

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