Recruiting with Superteam

Recruiting with Superteam

We’re thrilled to help you and your team grow! On this page you’ll find helpful resources that will make the hiring process as easy as possible.

🏎️ Getting Started

Review Candidates in the Hiring Portal Use the link we sent via email and login using your project’s name. Click on the “Expand” icon on the far right side of the hiring portal to see more detail on any particular candidate.
Identify Candidates You’re Interested In When you’re done reviewing, update the “Stage” column to either “Rejected” or “Interview Requested”. We’ll reach out to the candidates ourselves and set it up from there!

⚙️ Things to Know About Working with Superteam Talent

New Talent Added Every Tuesday Every Tuesday, we’ll update your hiring portal with new talent. You’ll also receive an email notification just to make sure you can act as quickly as the job market is moving right now.
Feedback Much Appreciated The first batch of talent we match for you will typically be uneven. The more feedback you can provide on why you did/didn’t like particular candidates, the better our future suggestions will become.
Pay Only for Success We’ll invoice for 15% of the 1st year’s salary on the day the offer is accepted by the candidate we sourced. If they don’t stay for 30 days after starting, you’ll get a full refund of the fee.

🎁 Hiring Resources

General Tips
3 Tips for Crypto Hiring
  1. Aptitude > Age. Most of the talent and energy in the space is concentrated among young people. Don’t use “work experience” as a strong filter or you’ll miss out on great underpriced young talent. Instead, focus on using behavioral questions and skills assessments.
  2. Focus on Energy. A candidates’ energy level - how much did they prepare, how eager are they on the call, how quickly do they respond to your messages - is the cross-functional best predictor of success in crypto.
  3. Look Abroad. Most of the talent coming into the space is not in the West. Though time zones can sometimes make work difficult, broadening your search to be location-agnostic is a surefire way to find better talent.

Want to know how much top talent is earning in Web3? Check out this resource we assembled:
Web3 Salary Reference Guide
3 Tips for Hiring Web3 Developers
  1. Grow Your Own Rust Devs. There are vanishingly few Rust developers in the market right now. Many senior Rust devs from Web2 are philosophically opposed to Solana, and the senior devs that aren’t are either founding companies or getting hired within 1 hour of tweeting that they are available. For teams that need to get critical work completed, the best strategy is to hire a junior Rust dev with 3-12 months of experience and help train them into a senior Solana dev over time.
  2. Pay for Coding Challenges. Given the frenized state of the hiring market - demand for devs in Web3 has dramatically outpaced supply - many devs are unwilling to complete coding assessments on their own time. If take-home assignments or async coding challenges are part of your hiring process, expect to budget between $100 - $500 per test for candidates who successfully complete the challenge. If you don’t offer any compensation, you can expect a <25% completion rate and your hiring process will drag out for weeks.
  3. Speed is Critical. Even junior devs are flying off the shelves. We’ve seen multiple teams who wanted to extend offers to talent, only to find out that during the interview process the dev has received another more attractive offer letter. If your time to hire is more than 2 weeks, you will not be able to find talent in this market. Aim to set up interviews within 24 hours of introductions being made, have your coding challenges ready, and have your evaluative criteria defined up front.

Reviewing, interviewing, and evaluating new candidates is as much an art as a science. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips in one place for you to review:
Evaluating Candidates
3 Tips for Hiring Web3 Marketers

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Hiring Indian talent from abroad for the first time? Check out this guide to the most common options:
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