Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Finding users to give you feedback on early versions of your product can be a challenge in crypto. Whether you're building something for crypto natives or for the crypto curious, our community is here to help. Depending on your needs, we can organize a number of users to try out your platform and give you actionable feedback on how it can improve. This may include simple bug testing, feedback on your messaging, or design mockups to supercharge your UX/UI. Deliverable: Feedback document with/without design improvements


  • Identify bugs in your software
  • Improve onboarding flows and ensure clarity of messaging
  • Get UX/UI design suggestions for a more usable interface


  • Request a Beta Test bounty using the link above.
  • We will reach out to you on Telegram and confirm the bounty and determine your goals.
  • We promote the bounty to our DAO and to our 6m+ followers on Twitter
  • Our community evaluates the submissions and selects a winner
  • Winners are announced and compensated

Proof of Work