Airdrop as a Service Dev Bounty

Airdrop as a Service Dev Bounty

Submission Deadline: November 21st, 2021

About the Bounty

SolRazr’s mission is to help developers raise capital and build fast on Solana. As part of that product suite, they would like to provide airdrop as a service to any project planning to do airdrops.

They are looking for a dApp (web/desktop) with an intuitive UI that can send tokens to thousands of addresses, essentially batching transfer of tokens. Used for airdrop campaigns, or any use case that needs transfers to a large number of addresses. The user should be able to link their wallet to the app, provide a file with addresses to transfer, and the app should do the transfer and provide downloadable results.

Your Mission: Create a dApp on the dev/testnet to enable airdrop-as-a-service. Record a 1 minute demo video and submit your source code.

This bounty is sponsored by Solrazr, the first decentralised developer ecosystem for Solana. If you're building on Solana, their platform offers everything you need to get to market.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $1,500 worth of SOLR for a working application
  • up to $1,000 of SOLR variable based on features delivered
  • Total Potential First Prize: $2,500 of SOLR

Evaluation Criteria

Submission Requirements:

  • Did you provide a link to your working application on devnet or testnet?
  • Did you create a demo video (<1min) and Github repo link with the source code?
  • Design - How intuitive and easy is the user experience, and documentation?
  • Functional - How well does the application work?
  • Scale - How well does it work for large number of addresses/transactions?
  • Summary - Is the Success/Failure summary surfaced to easily fix any issues?
  • Security - Is your application very secure (e.g. private key stays only on the client)?