Animated Explainer for Superteam

Animated Explainer for Superteam

Deadline: December 8th at 8pm IST

About the Bounty

Superteam is committed to creating the talent liquidity pool for Solana projects. Our community consists of developers, designers, community builders, memers, marketers, policy specialists, and many more. Together, the community is capable of delivering a wide array of projects and services to Solana founders.

We need a short video that can be sent to founders in the ecosystem to explain our value proposition in a nutshell. If you can create a great one, you'll win the bounty prize and immediately become a Member of our DAO.

Your mission: Create a 30 second animated explainer video that does a good job at explaining the DAOs capabilities and vision in a simple and digestable format


🥇 First Prize:

  • $500 USDC
  • Membership in Superteam
  • Syndication in our newsletter and social media

Evaluation Criteria

  • Video Content
    • Did you explain the problems we can solve?
    • Did you cover the various service lines of the DAO?
    • Did you come up with a creative way to explain the value we can provide?
  • Editing Style
    • Was your video ~30-60 seconds long?
    • Does it look professional?