Deep Dive Bounty Guidelines

Deep Dive Bounty Guidelines

Gm to all the Bounty Hunters. This guide will improve your odds of winning a Deep Dive bounty by roughly 3-600%.

⛳ The Basics

  1. Your Submission will be rejected:
    • If it is not in English.
    • If the contents of the submission are less than 1000 Words. ( Check out previous bounty winners to get a sense of the quality we expect.)
    • If it is found to be plagiarized
  2. Attach links to any references used ( If you have used external sources and no references are included your bounty could be rejected on grounds of plagiarism)
  3. No alternate links besides Wordcel, Medium, Substack, Notion, or Google Docs will be accepted
  4. No changes will be allowed once the bounty has been submitted.
  5. Share your submission on Twitter and tag @superteamdao + the sponsor & use the hashtag #Superteambounty

💁 Helpful Hints and Guidelines

  • Consider structuring your deep dive as follows. This is only to help - if you have a creative way of structuring your essay you are more than welcome to use that instead.
    • Brief about the area/topic
    • How it is currently vs how it is differentiated in web3
    • Deep dive on the topic
    • Future roadmap
    • Whether the future roadmap makes sense or not in the long run
    • Critiques
    • Suggestions
    • Conclusion
  • Did you share perspective on why this topic is important both for web3/crypto and the external world (if applicable)
  • Is your writing style thoughtful or superficial? Insight > just aggregated information
  • Did you structure the deep-dive such that there is natural flow to reading
  • Did you attribute all external sources adequately
  • Did you use images wherever it helped make your point
  • Did you make attempts to provoke thoughts/engage the reader by asking questions / posing dilemmas that the product/sector is facing
  • How likely is the reader to checkout the product / read another article after yours ?
  • Covers deep dive on the given problem statement?
  • Was your essay easy to understand for a non-crypto native?
  • Materials covered is “NOT ONLY” from of the roadmap or tokenomics section of the project
  • Makes effort to have interacted with the product/community before writing
  • When in doubt, use more analogies

⁉️ Bounty FAQ

If you have any further questions, check the bottom of the specific Bounty page and reach out to the contact listed