Design the DAO Passport NFT

Design the DAO Passport NFT


About the Bounty

As the SuperteamDAO continues to grow, we want to celebrate new members by giving them a "Welcome to the DAO" NFT. This NFT will function as a passport for entry into the DAO, but also ought to be a standalone work of art.

The design may look like a ticket to an amusement park, a passport for a new digital country, an ID card, or something else entirely. We're leaving this purposefully vague - your imagination should be the only constraint.

Your Mission: Design the "Welcome to the SuperteamDAO" NFT graphic.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $500 USDC
  • Instant promotion to "Contributor Level 3" within Superteam

Evaluation Criteria

  • Requirements
    • Must include the name "SuperteamDAO" somewhere on the design
    • Must be submitted as a Figma, Invision, or other digitally editable design file
    • Must be at least 3000 px wide to ensure high resolution.
    • Note: no specific color scheme or font families are required.
  • Visual Design
    • Is your design aesthetically stunning?
    • Does your design fit in our brand personality?
    • Would we feel excited to see your NFT in our wallet everyday?
    • Would the greater community treat your NFT as a work of standalone art?
    • Bonus: is your design animated?


About Superteam

We help the most promising projects in the Solana ecosystem launch and grow. We are organised as a co-operative of creatives and operators who are experienced in launching and growing technology businesses. Our mission is to bring the benefits of the ownership economy to the creative class (rent your time for tokens, not dollars) while creating flexible and remote work opportunities for all members.