Design the DAO Passport NFT

Design the DAO Passport NFT


About the Bounty

As the SuperteamDAO continues to grow, we want to celebrate new members by giving them a "Welcome to the DAO" NFT. This NFT will function as a passport for entry into the DAO, but also ought to be a standalone work of art.

The design may look like a ticket to an amusement park, a passport for a new digital country, an ID card, or something else entirely. We're leaving this purposefully vague - your imagination should be the only constraint.

Your Mission: Design the "Welcome to the SuperteamDAO" NFT graphic.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $500 USDC
  • Instant promotion to "Contributor Level 3" within Superteam

Evaluation Criteria

  • Requirements
    • Must include the name "SuperteamDAO" somewhere on the design
    • Must be submitted as a Figma, Invision, or other digitally editable design file
    • Must be at least 3000 px wide to ensure high resolution.
    • Note: no specific color scheme or font families are required.
  • Visual Design
    • Is your design aesthetically stunning?
    • Does your design fit in our brand personality?
    • Would we feel excited to see your NFT in our wallet everyday?
    • Would the greater community treat your NFT as a work of standalone art?
    • Bonus: is your design animated?