Design the Superteam Member NFT

Design the Superteam Member NFT

Deadline: March 7th, 11:59pm IST

About the Bounty

Superteam is opening up the bounty to design the Superteam Member NFT v2 for all our members across regions!

Some background on our MemberNFT v1

We had a MemberNFT Bounty and in 2021. Here are a few designs we really loved then, and we ended up selecting the second one and went ahead and creating a simple NFT for members.

What got selected as the final design.
What got selected as the final design.

Where we’re at right now

Since then, Solana tooling and Superteam as a community, both have come a long way. On the Superteam side many things have evolved: we have a functional, automated Reputation System with XP for members (, there are 5 skills each of which have XP, and there are Superteams now in 5 countries! As for tooling and tech, CandyPay has made gasless minting very easy, account compression has made it easier to mint NFTs at scale, and tools like Underdog & Intersect have successfully connected web2 and web3 apps as seemlessly like Zapier. For this new reality, we’re looking to revamp Member NFTs, and so we need a new design as well.

Our new NFT will be dynamically updated based on changes in XP on our Reputation Dashboard. The metadata (each skill will have a value) will change and and so will the total XP on the on-chain graphic of the NFT as well!

Requirements of the NFT

Things that the visual/graphic must have for sure (mandatory):

  • Discord Name of the member
  • Their Total XP, in the format e.g., “23553 XP” (It also must not have all the skills & their XP on the graphic, we’ve seen versions like that and thing its too much info on the NFT)
  • An indication of the Member’s region, i.e. which Superteam they’re a part of. The Current design has to be for India, but the design should be replicable easily for other regions. As a bonus: try having multiple similar versions for other countries too, demonstrating that it can be scaled easily.
  • It should ideally be a flat design such that it can be easily converted into html/css easily.
  • For dev purposes, a Figma file is required so that every element & layer can be independently edited, converted, stretched and exported.

Some more that the visual/graphic can have (optional, if design permits):

  • Indication of the primary skill, etc. the skill of which the member has most number of XP?
  • Membership date?

Make sure you make something that looks very cool and people would love to showoff on Twitter!

Your Mission: Design the new Superteam Member NFT. Send us your Figma link!


🥇 First Prize:

  • $600 USDC
  • You’ll be added as a Member in Superteam

🥈 Second Prize

  • You’ll be added as a Contributor in Superteam

🥉 Third Prize

  • You’ll be added as a Contributor in Superteam

Evaluation Criteria


  • Did you cover the requirements?
  • Is the graphic something that can be dynamically updated easily? (If not sure what is easy and what isn’t, feel free to contact King who will be developing it here.)
  • Is the graphic cool and match Superteam vibes and ethos?
  • Is it something that people would love to share?
  • Is it appealing to existing members?

Submission Requirement

  • Share the final Figma file including the design. Detailed explanations and teardown of the existing design & list of problems are not required.
  • Share your submission on Twitter! We recommend tagging @superteamIN so that we can highlight submissions and you get more eyeballs!


Participation in this bounty is entirely voluntary. Bounties are a way to learn and dabble in opportunities to build in web3. These are neither full time jobs nor project based engagement. Please be advised that the sponsors will not have time for individualized feedback due to the number of entries we receive. Please check out