Develop a Solana Index on Mudrex

Develop a Solana Index on Mudrex

Submission Deadline: Nov 15th at 8pm IST

About the Bounty

The best investor in the world is probably not sitting on a Wall Street trading desk. He or she is sitting in their living room in India somewhere, generating mind-boggling returns. New financial platforms like Mudrex enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to benefit from the smartest crypto minds.

Mudrex is sponsoring a bounty for our community to create a new Coin Set around Solana projects on their platform. A Coin Set is a basket of crypto tokens based on a theme of your choosing. You can use any combination of tokens that are hosted on major exchanges like FTX, Binance, Coinbase, and OKEx and seamlessly create an investment vehicle around them. The winning thesis will be allowed to create a Coin Set on Mudrex's platform and will be eligible to receive 70% of fees generated by the Coin Set in 2022.

Your Mission: Create a thesis for a Coin Set based on Solana projects. Write an accompanying blog post to explain the thesis of your Coin Set, the tokens you will allocate to, and the weighting of each token within your Coin Set. Make sure to post your thesis to Twitter and tag @thecoinsets.

Note: We encourage you to work in teams of up to 2 to complete this bounty.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $500 USDC
  • Instant access to Superteam as a Member
  • 70% of the fees generated by the Coin Set in 2022

🥈 Second Prize:

  • $300 USDC

🥉 Third Prize:

  • $200 USDC

Evaluation Criteria

  • Depth
    • Did you think deeply and write persuasively about your Solana ecosystem thesis?
    • Did you include the names of the tokens you'd include in your Coin Set?
    • Did you include the relative weightings for each token?
    • Does your Coin Set include tokens available on the Mudrex platform through FTX, BNB, Coinbase, and OKEx?
  • Thesis Writing Style
    • Did you write a compelling introduction and a satisfying conclusion?
    • Is your writing easy and fun to read?