Solend Anchor Client Development Bounty

Solend Anchor Client Development Bounty

Deadline: Mar 2nd 11:00pm IST

About the Bounty

Solend is an algorithmic, decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing on Solana. By using Solana, Solend is 100x faster and 100x cheaper than similar offerings on other chains.

Solend aims to be the easiest and most secure solution on Solana. Using their protocol, users can earn interest on crypto assets, borrow, get leverage, and even short other assets.

To catalyze more development in their ecosystem, Solend is sponsoring a bounty for a talented engineer to develop an Anchor client for Solend.

Your Goal: Write and document an Anchor client for Solend that supports all of the callable methods.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $5000 USDC
  • Membership in Superteam

Evaluation Criteria

  • Did you cover all the methods exposed in the Solend program?
  • Did you document all the methods in your client?
  • Have you added tests cases for all the methods?
  • Have you provided usage examples?


Participation in this bounty is entirely voluntary. Bounties are a way to learn and dabble in opportunities to build in web3. These are neither full time jobs nor project based engagement. Please be advised that the sponsors will not have time for individualized feedback due to the number of entries we receive.