Switchboard Deep Dive

Switchboard Deep Dive

Deadline: June 4th 11:00pm IST

About the Bounty

Switchboard is a decentralized oracle network that empowers developers to own and configure their own data feeds. Web3 developers rely on real-world data in their applications but blockchains have no way to pull data from external sources. Oracles solve this problem by residing between a blockchain and the internet and facilitate the flow of information for developers to consume downstream.

Most people associate oracles with a price feed but Switchboard took a more generic approach; Switchboard can route any on or off chain data source such as prices, sport results, weather information, or the number of followers Elon Musk has on twitter. Switchboard believes this generic approach to sourcing data will open the door to new web3 applications that were previously out of reach.

The internet is a vast place and sourcing public data can be challenging and time consuming. The Switchboard publisher aims to solve this problem by building a decentralized data catalog where users can contribute job definitions and receive a portion of the protocol fees if a developer builds and funds an on-chain feed (“Democratizing Data”).

Switchboard is looking to the Superteam to perform a deep dive on Switchboard data feeds, explain the various data feed configuration parameters, and provide a general walkthrough of the publisher. By the end, a reader should have a fundamental understanding of Switchboard data feeds and have the ability to publish their own custom data feed.

Your Mission: Become an expert on Switchboard and summarize your findings in a written essay. You're welcome to write this review individually or in teams of 2. Bounties will be split among team members.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $1000 USDC
  • Syndication in our newsletter and social media
  • Membership in Superteam

🥈 Second Prize

  • $300 USDC

🥉 Third Prize

  • $200 USDC

Evaluation Criteria

  • Depth
    • Did you explore the background of the project?
    • Does your essay talk about the key features of the project?
    • Is your essay the one-stop-resource for people to get up to speed with this project?
    • Did you learn everything there is to know about the project?
    • Did you take screenshots, provide a step by step guide to onboarding, and clearly articulate the value the project offers?
  • Writing Style
    • Did you write a compelling introduction and a satisfying conclusion?
    • Is your writing easy and fun to read?
    • Did you avoid overly complex jargon?
    • Did you explain concepts in a way a person new to crypto could understand?
  • Submission Requirements
    • Did you write your essay in English?
    • Is your submission at least 1,000 words? Note that typical bounty winners are ~2,000 words.
    • Did you submit it before the deadline? Note: there will be no deadline extensions.
    • Did you include links to your sources and references?

Check out previous bounty winners to get a sense of the quality we expect.


Participation in this bounty is entirely voluntary. Bounties are a way to learn and dabble in opportunities to build in web3. These are neither full time jobs nor project based engagement. Please be advised that the sponsors will not have time for individualized feedback due to the number of entries we receive. Please check out