Timeswap Deep Dive

Timeswap Deep Dive

Deadline: December 27th at 8PM IST

About the Bounty

Timeswap is a fixed income lending and borrowing protocol for ERC20 tokens. It is a non-custodial, immutable, and censorship resistant protocol leveraging the value of network effects. The maturity time of deposits and loans can be set at any time, giving users astounding flexibility to make money markets that fit the time preferences of most people.

It also allows lenders, borrowers & liquidity providers to freely choose their own risk profiles and set interest rates and collateral ratio for each transaction. Allowing users to determine their own risk appetite.

Timeswap is sponsoring a deep dive bounty for their platform. The winning submission will talk about its various features and provide a detailed breakdown for anybody that wants to get started.

Your Mission: Become an expert on Timeswap and summarize your findings in a written essay. You're welcome to write this review individually or in teams of 2. Bounties will be split among team members.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $1,000 USDC
  • Membership in Superteam
  • Syndication in our newsletter and social media

Evaluation Criteria

  • Depth
    • Did you explore the background of Timeswap?
    • Did you talk about all the key features of Timeswap?
    • Did you talk about the importance of Oracle-less money markets?
    • Did you explain why fixed term instruments are important in DeFi?
    • Did you discuss how Timeswap can be used as a primitive to build other products?
    • Did you explain how one could Lend & Borrow on Timeswap?
    • Is your essay the one-stop-resource for people to get up to speed with this project?
    • Did you join their Discord and get a feel for the community?
  • Writing Style
    • Did you write a compelling introduction and a satisfying conclusion?
    • Is your writing easy and fun to read?
    • Did you avoid overly complex jargon?
    • Did you explain concepts in a way a person new to crypto could understand?

Check out previous bounty winners to get a sense of the quality we expect.