UI/UX Review of Solana Projects

UI/UX Review of Solana Projects

Submission Deadline: Nov 14th at 8pm IST

About the Bounty

If you're a Web2 designer looking to get involved in Web3, we have a bounty just for you.

We're putting out an open call for UI/UX reviews of Solana projects. You can choose any existing Solana project or any Ignition hackathon project that interests you. Take some time to understand how it works, identify areas to improve the UI/UX of the product, and then compile your findings into a single document or Notion page.

There are $2,500 USD worth of prizes to be split among the top 5 UI/UX reviews that are submitted. In addition to the tokens, we'll also promote your re-design on the Superteam distribution channels and invite you to join our DAO as a full-fledged Member. Whether you win or not, you will be welcome to share your designs and add them to your personal portfolio.

Your Mission: Find an interesting Solana-based project. Conduct a thorough UI/UX review for them that matches this example in quality.

This bounty is sponsored by Solrazr, the first decentralised developer ecosystem for Solana. If you're building on Solana, their platform offers everything you need to get to market.


🥇 First Prize (5 available):

  • $500 worth of SOLR
  • Instant access to Superteam as a Member
  • Total prize pool: $2,500 USDC

Evaluation Criteria

  • Requirements
    • Did you review the product (i.e. not the marketing website)?
    • Did you include screenshots of the existing designs?
    • Did you explain what the user goals are for the different areas of the product you're reviewing?
    • Did you clearly explain the UI/UX issues that currently exist?
    • Did you include solutions to the UI/UX issues?
    • Did you look at multiple areas of the product, beyond just the homepage?
    • Did you package your review into a nice presentation (e.g. Notion, Google Slides, Figma, etc)?