Expand to Solana with NEON

Ever imagined running EVM code on Solana? You can now do that with NEON Labs. If you're interested in expanding your application on Ethereum (or any other EVM chain) to Solana and access its liquidity and users, get in touch with us. We believe in a positive sum, multi-chain future. WAGMI.


  • Low fees: $0.00025 per txn
  • High speed: 60,000+ TPS
  • EVM compatibility with NEON labs
  • Welcoming community of llamas, monkes, apes and growing on-chain userbase


  • We host office hours once a month. Join our developer discord to learn more.
  • A peer group for founders launching on NEON. Click here to join our discord channel for founders expanding to Solana.
  • Join NEON Labs' discord channel here.