What is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Think of it like an internet based community with a shared bank account. For more info on DAOs generally, check out DiscoverDAOs.

What is the SuperteamDAO?

We’re a team of athletes who value the sovereignty that comes with founding a company, the skin in the game that comes with investing and the joy that comes with getting sh*t done. In a pre-crypto world, we had to fit into broiler categories -- founder, investor or employee. Crypto allows us to be free range and be all 3 at the same time.

So, it's like an agency?

Kind of. But we're organised not as a pyramidal structure where the top half of the organisation monetises the bottom half. Instead, we think of it as a creative operative, where every member is free to work on what they like, contribute as much as they want to, and receive corresponding ownership in the networks and projects they help.

What's a working group?

Working groups are groups of people working on a specific objective. They are ultimately accountable for accomplishing the objective of the group. They act as sovereign entities within the DAO, using whatever process they believe best to accomplish the objective.

How can I join the DAO?

The fastest way is to complete an open bounty or an Instagrant

How are members rewarded?

Members are paid directly for any work they complete within the DAO. All bounties are paid in USDC or the native token of the projects we work with. Superteam itself does not have a token.

Wen token, ser?

Hopefully not for a long time. We're heads down focused on building a community first.

How do I vote on proposals?

All governance is informal and off-chain. If this breaks, we'll introduce governance later.

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