Find Work in Web3

Find Work in Web3


Ready to start earning in crypto? Check out full-time opportunities on our Job Board, look for freelance work through Instagrants, or add yourself to the Talent Network using the form below to get notified when relevant opportunities become available!

Benefits of Joining the Superteam Talent Network


Get in Front of Top Founders We work with the most exciting high-growth Web3 startups to build out their teams. By joining the Talent Network, your profile will be shown automatically to our founder network, without you needing to manually apply for a job.


Get Access to Superteam DAO We invite the top 1% of applicants to our Talent Network into our DAO as Contributor. As a Contributor, you can get access to private earning opportunities, upskill yourself, and meet other talented members of the Web3 workforce.


Notifications for Relevant Freelance Work Not ready to go full-time? No problem! We’ll also share exciting freelance work opportunities specific to your skills and interests to those registered in the Talent Network.


Open to All Skill Levels and Roles Whether you’re looking for an internship or a leadership position, or something in-between, we have opportunities for you. These opportunities are also open to both technical and non-technical people looking to earn in Web3.


It’s Entirely Free! Joining the Talent Network takes less ~5 minutes and costs absolutely nothing. What do you have to lose? Gift