SuperIntern 6 Week Structure

The internship is scheduled for a duration of six weeks as we figured it is the goldilocks zone for an internship’s time period. It is long enough for the intern to learn the tricks of the trade and for the employer to extract value from the intern.

This is a loosely structured schedule for what the internship would look like over six weeks.

🚨 NOTE: This structure is not definite and can be changed as per the individual project’s requirements in consultation with the Superteam Working Group. The deliverables mentioned are for the DAO to gauge whether the program is working well and help the interns and the employers to gain insights from the experience.

Find the schedule here.👇

Six Week Plan

Orientation - Intro in Discord Server - Intro call with other Superinterns - Orientation with the founders - Defining the broad deliverables/KPIs for the internship
A tweet thread on experience and firm they've joined
Work as assigned
Work as assigned
- Catch-up call with Superinterns - AMA with the SuperIntern Working Group - Mid internship assessment with the founder on KPI alignment by the Superteam Working Group
Work as assigned
Closing week - Final assessment with the founder - Next steps if any (onboarding with the firm)
A blog post on the final experience written by the Superintern (potential syndication with the Superteam’s newsletter)