Ideas for Lurkers

Ideas for Lurkers

If you want to join the SuperteamDAO, the simplest and most effective method is to win a $500 bounty.

If there aren't any bounties that make use of your skill set right now, here are a few things we need help with. If you submit any of the following to the #proof-of-work channel in Discord, we will evaluate it and potentially invite you to join the DAO as a full-fledged Member.

Don't be limited by this list - if there are other things you think would benefit the DAO, just make them!

🎙️ Podcast Tasks

  1. Episode with Jenil (Coinvise): Write an in-depth blog post about why the SuperteamDAO should have a token and what the tokenomics could be. Please submit your entries here.
  2. Episode with Brandon (Phantom): Create a website with a Welcome NFT. Infinite, free mints. Submit your work here.

📚 Tasks for Lurkers


Smaller alternatives to bounties. Complete any of these, or anything similar, and receive an invite if other Members love your submission.

  • Add content to the "Learn Web3" project board (link)
  • Introduce us to projects who will sponsor bounties for our community
  • Write in depth summaries for podcasts about Solana and/or DAOs
  • Research and write a post about the tokenomics of other Service DAOs
  • Design a POAP visual for us to give to people who attend our events
  • Design a new logo for the SuperteamDAO
  • Design Superteam cover photos and visuals to be used across Notion and Airtable forms
  • Write an essay explaining the value of joining Service DAOs and how to work in Web3, aimed at traditional creatives who are new to crypto


Do you have an idea of how to improve the DAO that isn't listed here? DM @kash in Discord to discuss it.