Ideas for Lurkers

Ideas for Lurkers

If you want to join the SuperteamDAO, the simplest and most effective method is to win a $500 bounty.

If there aren't any bounties that make use of your skill set right now, here are a few things we need help with. If you submit any of the following to the #proof-of-work channel in Discord (guide), we will evaluate it and potentially invite you to join the DAO as a full-fledged Member.

Don't be limited by this list - if there are other things you think would benefit the DAO, just make them!

📚 Tasks for Lurkers


Smaller alternatives to bounties. Complete any of these, or anything similar, and receive an invite if other Members love your submission.

  • Introduce a Sponsor to create a bounty with SuperteamDAO
  • Write an essay explaining the value of joining Service DAOs and how to work in Web3, aimed at traditional creatives who are new to crypto

Writing Your Proof of Work