Writing Your Proof of Work

Writing Your Proof of Work

Writing about yourself can be difficult! This short guide will help you write a compelling Proof of Work that captures the attention of founders and builders alike. Feel free to use this template, or to make your own.

📄 Template

  • Project/Problem: One sentence description of the project you worked on. If there the work you completed wasn’t done as part of a project, explain the problem you had to solve.
  • Contribution: What did you contribute/do? Aim for 2-3 sentences here.
  • Impact: How do you know it was successful? Include any metrics or qualitative feedback you received.
  • Links: Where can others see the fruits of your labor?

📦 Examples:

Kash, the DAO builder:

  • Project: Superteam, a Service DAO of operators, creatives, and developers growing the Solana ecosystem
  • Contribution: Served as Sherpa to take the community from 0-1. Managed community design (e.g. onboarding flows, reputation system, contribution framework). Managed business development efforts (bounties, grants, and missions).
  • Impact: Scaled to 150 members in 5 months (~5% acceptance rate) and grew Community GDP from $0 - $150,000.
  • Link: http://superteam.fun