Crypto Writers Grant

Crypto Writers Grant

💸 Microgrants to write about crypto

Superteam now supports the Crypto Writers Grants Program and recommends applicants with high community reputation scores to the Solana Foundation for grants.

This is a grant program specifically meant for writers across levels of expertise, to write long-form pieces about the interesting things happening in crypto. Bonus points if you write about Solana, Wormhole, Pyth, and xNFTs.

Anyone with a writing proposal and proof of high-quality writing ability is welcome to apply and receive funding decision for a $1 - $1,500 grant. The Foundation hands out these grants typically once a month.

  1. Getting Started - Writing @ Superteam
  2. Living Writing Prompt list

🗺️ Types of written work we love

  1. Ecosystem Reports: Articles typically title “The State of X, 2022”. Pick a topic within an area like DAOs, payments, games, analytics & summarise the landscape of projects, gaps and potential. E.g., see The State of DAO tooling by Sitesh.
  2. Product Document with RFPs: Write deeply about a problem you think web3 can solve. Be specific about what the first version of the product will look like, how it will go-to-market, and bonus points if you can include mock ups and screenshots, etc. E.g., Building a web3 loyalty program.
  3. Project deep-dives: Don’t wait for a bounty, pick a project, study it and write about it. Checkout the deep-dives section of our blog for inspiration.
  4. Data-led pieces: One of the biggest benefits of public blockchains is that all data is in the open. Yet, few people who are web3 savvy actually know which metrics to track or how to track them. If you’re comfortable with numbers, block explorers, charts, etc. write a piece that helps others follow along.
  5. Primary research: Step out of your google doc, speak to people who are working in web3 & convert your findings into actionable insights.

📍Some RFPs we’re currently thinking about

These are just some ideas and themes we are currently thinking about, but your grant can be about anything over and beyond these as well.
  • Superteam project impact studies: Summarise the impact of the many Superteam Projects — bounties, instagrants, missions, projects, media, etc. Identify the right set of metrics for each initiative, speak to partner projects and contributors & publish a superteam impact report.
  • State of Solana Gaming: Which are the top games ? What business models are emerging? What kind of tooling is needed across games?
  • State of Solana DeFi: How has the ecosystem evolved in the last year. Who are the top projects & protocols. How has the experience changed across a spectrum of users - sophisticated traders, institutions, retail, etc.
  • Open Protocols: Write about the possible futures and the potential impact of the various open protocols being built out by the Government of India, e.g., UPI, ONDC, NHDM.
  • Getting started with web3 analytics: What kind of tools are available, what metrics are important, what would the ideal home page for Solana look like?
Just like how we only offer grants to open-source software projects, any content produced under this grant program should also have an open-source spirit. This means that you should be willing to allow others to fork, modify, add to, and improve your content (with proper citations and attribution, of course).

📥 Apply to the Crypto Writers Grant Program now!

The Foundation receive tens of applications every week, and may not have the time to give detailed feedback on every application. Please keep that in mind before you apply.
The core team does not manage the Foundation’s grant program. We simply make recommendations to the sponsors of the grant program on quality grant applications. You are also free to apply directly on their website for a grant.

⚙️ How It Works:

  1. Submit the application form (5 minutes).
  2. The Foundation does their best to respond within ~48 hours.
  3. If approved, you'll receive an email notification for onboarding and further steps, and 25% of your requested funding in your SOL wallet will soon follow in our next payout.
  4. Update the community once a week on your progress.
  5. As you achieve your self-described milestones, receive the rest of your funding.
  6. Submit finished work for feedback, review, and distribution.

🏆 Previous writing we have supported

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply for an Instagrant?


How fast is "Instant"?

Grant requests are typically approved in 48 hours or less.

What criteria will the panelists use to evaluate grants?

We prefer projects that 1) yield results quickly and 2) are executable by the Proposing team.

What conditions apply?

The only condition is that you keep the community updated on a regular basis as your project progresses.

What is the philosophy behind the Instagrants program?
  • Proof of Work > Credentials. Anyone is welcome to apply for Instagrants, given they have enough Proof of Work to make the review committee believe the work will get done.
  • Speed > Perfection. We want to give grants rapidly. Not perfectly. We trust people to get work done.
  • Believers > Consensus. As long as a minimum quorum of the reviewing committee believes it's a good use of funds, we will fund it.
Will I receive feedback on my proposal if it is rejected?

Unfortunately, our sponsors do not have the ability to provide individualized feedback at this time.

Have a question that isn't answered here? DM @neilshroff#2180 on Discord for help.