Full Stack Support for Stealth Project

Full Stack Support for Stealth Project

💸 $1,000 USDC for 2 Weeks of Development

A stealth team from within the DAO is  building an intuitive platform that solves for NFT-based User-profile stack & ways to collaborate between user profiles. Their goal is to make visibility in Web3 a lot easier with a platform that is essentially looking to be Poly-work on-chain overcoming crappier web2 solutions. The aim of the project commitment is to solve for DAO XP-collaboration between user profiles that would eventually merge with the user-profile stack.

🛠️ Scope of Work

The team is looking for a full-stack developer to contribute to a project that will be submitted to the Solana Riptide hackathon. Web3 experience is preferred but not required. Some familiarity will certainly be helpful.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Working with fellow developers who will be building the required stack
  • Work with the DAO based XP team and work towards the platform’s own intuitive Super-XP system.
  • Follow up with wireframes that will be updated frequently and collaborate with team async.


  • The user profile stack might look something like the following sample site
  • Your task would be to work towards a tool that will eventually merge with the user-profile stack so that it makes it easier for profiles to collaborate between each other.

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