Launch in India

Launch in India

We help you launch your product in India. We help you with a market entry strategy, marketing plan, and a local team hire. We focus on bootstrapping your early set of users, developers, and partners in India. Our team has had the experience of building and launching companies like Uber and Solana in India from Day 0. Based on previous experience on involvement, we have some standard packages for launch projects here reference. We'll be happy to talk and customize the DAOs involvement and deliverables.

Assisted Launch

The DAO takes plays a smaller role in your launch and assists your teams with marketing, operations, and generation of early interest, this could include:

  • video interviews,
  • community deep dives,
  • bounties,
  • launch advisory,
  • creating a launch plan.

Based on circumstance, we may help you hire for the launch, and connect you with relevant partners as well who can make your post-launch success a reality.

Completely Managed Launch

The DAO gets deeply involved and handles your India launch end to end over the period of a month to a quarter. Starting with planning the launch with your team, we manage everything to be able to bootstrap whatever your India aspirations are (projects, users, revenue, hiring, etc.).

Based on the specific objectives, we will curate a launch program that may contain:

  • hackathons,
  • community grants programs
  • production of TV / YouTube commercials
  • documentation and tech support,
  • multiple bounties
  • discord management
  • hiring drives
  • design/redesign of existing material
  • and any other growth initiatives relevant.

A Superteam DAO member takes up the de facto position of India Expansion Lead for the time period, and works closely with your team while utilizing the DAO for the project. These projects generally end with upon meeting the initial goals and OKRs, and we exit while replacing ourselves with a full-time India Coordinator to manage operations for you.

Post-Launch Operational Support

This is for projects who have already launched in India previous, usually without our assistance. We help execute any special projects you're eyeing for any further community, operations, and engagement related goals, specifically including:

  • Setting up India-specific hiring channels
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Grant programs
  • Content creation

It would be a fixed duration limited engagement only for that special project instead of a complete launch campaign, which a DAO contributor or small team thereof would be deployed to handle.

Our team members will operationalise the plan, and exit the project upon eventually replacing themselves by hiring a local team.

Currently working on launching...

  1. Neon Labs
  2. Symmetry
  3. Stealth Project