Build on top of the Aver Protocol

Build on top of the Aver Protocol

About Aver:

Aver is a universal liquidity and settlement protocol that facilitates the listing of prediction markets and trustless exchange of sports betting positions. Aver Exchange is the first application built on top of the protocol - public beta was launched on Solana mainnet in July 2022.

As an open, decentralised and composible protocol, a variety of front-end applications for peer-to-peer prediction and betting markets will be able to tap into the borderless liquidity, open infrastructure and payment rails that Aver offers.

About the Mission:

To celebrate the launch of the Aver SDK and kick-start innovation, Aver is sponsoring a mission for developers who would like to build something unique on top of the Aver Protocol. This could be anything from a functional betting/prediction market UI to a bot powered tool that compares odds across on and off-chain exchanges for specific markets. Aver’s recently launched SDKs provide the tools for anyone to develop innovative applications on top of the protocol.

💡 Submission Ideas:

Tools for Others:

  • WebApp scaffold / tools for helping others deploy a ‘bookmaker’ website
  • Mapping engine to other sports and prediction sources
  • Market making examples/frameworks

User-facing Applications

  • Your own branded sportsbook
  • Sport specific trading or betting UIs - i.e. build the perfect cricket betting interface
  • Prediction market specific UIs - i.e. build a UI to predict weather conditions around the globe
  • Native applications for different devices (iOS/Android/etc.)

More sophisticated UIs for serious traders (examples for betfair)

Submission Guidelines

  • Phase 1: Ideation and Pitch

Submit your ideas in the form of a short document or deck. Refer to the section ‘Mission Screening Questions’ below.

A shortlist of 3 submissions will be selected by the judges by 25th October 2022. All projects in the shortlist will be guaranteed to win one of the prizes, provided they build out their idea as pitched by the bounty deadline.

  • Phase 2: Build

Once selected, you can see your proposed ideas through! Get to work on building your application/tool .

The final project submissions will be judged by the Aver core team as per the project evaluation criteria (as described below), and the teams behind the top three ideas will receive their reward based on how they rank.


🥇 First Prize:

  • $3000
  • Potentially become an Aver Core Contributor

🥈 Second Prize

  • $2000

🥉 Third Prize

  • $1000

📖 Resources:

  1. Aver SDK Integration Guide
  2. How the Aver Protocol Works
  3. End-to-end SDK Building Guide with Examples
  4. Python SDK Documentation
  5. API References
  6. Aver Exchange Documentation
  7. Aver Twitter

Support from the Aver team:

  • Does your idea need any support from the team? Examples of required support are:
    • Listing and provision of basic liquidity on specific markets or categories of markets
    • Additional information via API feeds
    • Additional support in understanding the ins/outs of the protocol and SDK
    • Advisory support

You can join their Discord Server, claim a developer role in #claim-roles, and start talking to the team on the developer channels. Email:

🚀 Mission Screening Questions:

To apply for this Mission, you’ll first need to put together a lightweight plan. This plan should answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name and brief description (is it a tool/application/library) of your project/idea?
  2. Diagram/mockup of how project will work & the audience/niche category the project is built for.
  3. What are potentially the most difficult parts of the project?
  4. What, if anything, will you need from the sponsor team (besides funding)?
  5. How will your project interact with the Aver Protocol?

Put the answers into a Google doc to include in your application. Please make sure your visibility settings are set to “Anyone with the link” or your application will not be reviewed.

⚙️ Mission Logistics:

  1. Create a Google doc, Notion page, Deck or Powerpoint with your answers to the questions above.
  2. Apply for the Mission using the link above
  3. Note that we are unable to provide individualized feedback on rejected applications at this time. Please keep that in mind before you apply.

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