Community Management for Gaming Guild

Community Management for Gaming Guild

💸 $1,500 USDC for 4 Weeks of Community Building

3D Gamers Guild is a gaming DAO, built for and by game-lovers. The DAO’s purpose is to manage the guild treasury, decide which games to enter, and to provide NFTs to their gaming community. In essence, the guild functions like a crypto gaming DAO VC fund by deploying capital in games during private rounds.

The guild is primarily focused on creating community (as friends who play together earn together), content (as a marketing agency for content creators in the gaming space), and of course eSports (by collecting pro and competitive gamers together).

🛠️ Scope of Work

3DGG is looking for a community manager with an understanding of guilds & crypto gaming to help take their existing community to the next level. The ideal Instagrant applicant will be a gamer who loves talking with community members and has experience managing Discord servers in the past. If the first month is successful, the Instagrant winner may also be offered a full time position with additional token-based compensation.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Welcome new members to the community
  2. Help build the capabilities of the other Community Managers
  3. Always use a respectful and casual tone - light trolling/roasting is allowed!
  4. Build relationships with community members
  5. Inform members on questions about the 3DGG brand, the team, whitelists, IDO, and NFT drops
  6. Be in line with 3DGG Brand
  7. Host mini games in discord daily
  8. Kick out bots/spammers/toxic people

Your KPIs:

  1. Grow Discord Server from 1k members to 10k+ over 2 months
  2. Game night daily with at least 8 members attending
  3. 20+ members from our discord server in our twitter spaces
  4. 50+ members from our discord server in our community AMAs
  5. No Spammers/Bots/Toxic people in the channel
  6. 100+ Community members active in channel daily

Frequently asked questions
Who is eligible to apply for an Instagrant?


How fast is "Instant"?

Grant requests are typically approved in 48 hours or less.

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