Frontend Development for NFT x DeFi Protocol

Frontend Development for NFT x DeFi Protocol

💸 $3,000 USDC for 1 Week of Development

Honey Finance is a DeFi x NFTs protocol which turns JPEGs into financial assets. After becoming the biggest non-marketplace NFT protocol on Solana, they are looking to launch NFT loans and even more features.

They’re now about to launch our $HONEY token. The IDO for the token is going live on March 25th and lasts 24 hours. They’re looking for a developer to fork the GenesysGo IDO repo (backend, frontend) so that their current devs can continue their work and not divert their attention away from the protocol.

🛠️ Scope of Work

Honey Finance needs a developer to build out their IDO page based on the GenesysGo repo.The ideal candidate will be a rigorous Javascript developer with a decent understanding of CSS to utilize the degen-ui theme.

Scope Overview:

  • Back End: forking the GenesysGo repo which has made similar modifications to the Mango repo, and implementing appropriate changes. The Honey IDO will remove the grace period and disable withdraws to avoid price manipulation.
  • Front End: Implementing goki walletkit as the wallet adapter, and building the page using degen-ui components. These components are simply the buttons and input fields from degen-ui.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Fork the Mango or GenesysGo IDO repo
  2. Make the changes on the backend to disable grace period and disable USDC withdraws
  3. Connect to the open source front end repo
  4. Replace default solana wallet adapter with goki walletkit
  5. Replace styling with degen-ui components (buttons, input, and icons)
  6. Add our FAQ

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