Hubble Video Production

Hubble Video Production

💸 $5000 USDC for ~3 Weeks of Video Production

Mission Budget: $5000 USDC

Estimated Time: ~3 Week
Available to: Contributors & Members of SuperteamDAO

Hubble Protocol would like to create several videos with the help of Superteam’s awesome network of Solana-aligned creators. Ideally, work on three separate batches of content.

💡Idea 1: How to Onboard to Solana

Easy-to-consume videos about bridging to Solana from the first to the last step. More info, Click here:

  • Bridge from major TVL DeFi chains (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Tron)
  • Withdraw to Solana from major CEXs (Binance, Coinbase, etc.)
  • Focus on Phantom and Backpack (especially Backpack for Ethereum)
  • Swapping bridged assets on Jupiter

In addition to the videos, there will be written content with step-by-step instructions using screenshots from the video. You can create videos using Loom to show the basic steps.

💡Idea 2: How To - Hubble and Kamino

Videos showing users how to use:

The video team will be provided with scripts and Loom recordings to show the steps necessary. Similar to the “How to Onboard to Solana” videos, they need something that is easy to follow, engaging, and slick.

How to deposit, withdraw, participate in Stability Vault, stake HBB, manage account, which Kamino vaults to use and when etc.

The goal is to incorporate these videos into the dApp with tooltips and would require the videos to be evergreen.

💡Idea 3: Concentrated Liquidity

Video series focusing on concentrated liquidity, similar to these CLOB explainer videos from Serum: These videos may require some extra animation or graphics to better explain some concepts visually. The Hubble team can provide many of the graphics and you can leverage their design team.

  • What is concentrated liquidity?
  • What are the advantages of concentrated liquidity?
  • Why provide concentrated liquidity?
  • When to provide liquidity (timing for different asset types).

🏗️Scope of Work:

Hubble needs a talented video producer to create multiple video tutorials that are sleek and professional looking for maximum shareability in the ecosystem.

Voiceover needs to be clear and needs to have the pronunciation and intonation of a native-speaker.

💻 Ideal Candidate:

  • Has experience creating educational video content, voiceovers & tutorials.
  • Can produce quality content.
  • Can create custom motion graphics and animations using stock footage ( Hubble design team available for help )

🚀 Mission Screening Questions:

To apply for this Mission, you’ll first need to put together a lightweight plan. This plan should answer the following strategic questions:

  1. What are potentially the most difficult parts of the project?
  2. What, if anything, will you need from the sponsor team (besides funding)?
  3. What are your best examples of proof of work?

Put the answers into a Google doc to include in your application. Please make sure your visibility settings are set to “Anyone with the link” or your application will not be reviewed.

Note: you are free to work on this project with a small team if you’d like. Please note the budget will remain the same and the funds will be sent to whichever team member fills the application form.

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