No-Code NFT Launchpad

No-Code NFT Launchpad

🧑‍🚀 Help Creators Launch on Solana

Mission Budget: $25,000 SOLR
Estimated Time: 4 Weeks
Team Skills: Design & Dev
Note: This Mission is funded by Solrazr to create an important piece of their platform. The Solrazr team will retain all IP around this project. Their team will work closely with you throughout the development process to provide clarity, examples, and additional support where required.

As creators and artists flock to the Solana ecosystem, they need new tools. Solrazr is sponsoring a Mission for a team to create a no-code tool that lets anyone launch their NFTs.

This Mission will require the creation of a platform that quickly lets any creator launch an initial mint via the Solrazr platform. After the initial mint is complete, users can further list their NFTs on any of the popular Solana NFT marketplaces for secondary sales. Thanks to Metaplex and Candy Machine, this Mission is doable in a fraction of the time required on other chains.

Your team’s mission will be to create this tool. Specifically, the tool should enable any creator to:

  1. Setup their own NFT mint website. The tool your team creates should allow any user to create a template website with customized content, colors, logo, etc. The website will be hosted and deployed on the Solrazr platform.
  2. Easily leverage Candymachine, without having to use the command line. Creators should be able to launch their INO (Initial NFT Offering) or the initial mint by configuring an easy-to-use settings page that feeds into Candymachine v2.
  3. Review how their NFT mint is going. Creators should have access to a straightforward analytics portal where they can track their mint’s progress and evaluate effectiveness.

The Mission budget will be given as follows:

  • $15,000 for the initial development of the platform
  • $5,000 after 3 mints have been completed on the platform
  • $5,000 after 6 mints have been completed on the platform

🚀 Mission Screening Questions:

To apply for this Mission, you’ll first need to put together a lightweight plan. This plan should answer the following strategic questions:

  1. What will the the user experience look like for this project? Select one of the three areas of functionality list above and create a low-fidelity wireframe (hand-drawn is fine!)
  2. What tech stack will your team use?
  3. What are potentially the most difficult parts of the project?
  4. How long do you anticipate the Mission will take? How long will each stage of your process take?
  5. What, if anything, will you need from the Solrazr team (besides funding)?
  6. What are your best examples of proof of work for development and design?

Discuss these questions with your team and put the answers into a Google doc to include in your application. Please make sure your visibility settings are set to “Anyone with the link” or your application will not be reviewed.

Note: All Missions must be led by a SuperteamDAO member, but may include team members from outside the DAO.

⚙️ Mission Logistics:

  1. Create a Google doc or Notion page with your answers to the questions above.
  2. Apply for the Mission using the link above.
    1. Note that we are unable to provide individualised feedback on rejected applications at this time. Please keep that in mind before you apply.
  3. If you’re approved for the Mission, you will receive 25% of the funding up front, 25% halfway through the project, and the rest upon completion.
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