Rust Contract Dev for a Solana Crypto Game

Rust Contract Dev for a Solana Crypto Game

💸 $5,000 USDC for 4 Weeks of Development

Doge Track is a digital doge racing game on the Solana blockchain that is currently in a closed beta. They already have a community (Twitter, Discord) and a functioning game off-chain. They now require a Rust contract dev to help them create the contracts needed for the game to go on-chain.

These contracts will handle interactions on-chain for the game transactions and we will need your help to integrate them into the game using Solana's web3 JS API. As an extra bonus, their contracts will be audited by one of the best-known contract auditing devs in the Solanaverse, giving you extra bragging rights for future projects you work on.

🛠️ Scope of Work

Doge Track is looking to hire a Solana Rust contract dev to help us complete some additions to their existing game contracts! They are looking to expand their game to have some additional functionality and are looking to bring another Rust Dev into our team to help them complete these milestones.

The functionality we are adding include:

  1. Adding the ability to race for additional tokens to our game, currently our contracts only support our native token $DTRK so this would allow users to race for additional tokens.
  2. Allowing less than 5 doges to be in a lobby before a race begins.

We also have some other smaller tasks we need some assistance with:

  1. A function to update track meta data using our token ($DTRK)
  2. A template for deciphering web3 stats from our PDAs

Visual Overview of Contracts

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