Rust Development Mission for defiOS

Rust Development Mission for defiOS

💸 $5,000 USDC for 5 Weeks of Development

defiOS is aiming at making open-source software sustainable for all - part of which involves allowing any open-source repository owner to restructure their project(s) into a DAO.

They have a working product currently live at- The contracts however, are written in Solidity, and are running on Neon's Solana devnet. As they continue to collect early user feedback, they're looking for help in migrating the codebase entirely to rust to ship natively on Solana.

🛠️ Scope of Work:

defiOS is looking to hire a developer to help them migrate their codebase to Rust. Experience with Solidity is ideal, as you can clearly see how the contracts are laid out, but not mandatory.

The scope includes working with the defiOS engineers to:

  1. Ship the DAO creation contracts from solidity to rust
  2. Building the repository liquidity pools in rust
Note: This Mission is funded by defiOS, who will retain all IP around this project. Their team will work closely with you throughout the process to provide clarity, examples, and additional support where required

📖 Resources:

  1. defiOS source code
  2. The defiOS whitepaper

🚀 Mission Screening Questions:

To apply for this Mission, you’ll first need to put together a lightweight plan. This plan should answer the following strategic questions:

  1. What are potentially the most difficult parts of the project?
  2. What, if anything, will you need from the sponsor team (besides funding)?
  3. What are your best examples of proof of work?

Put the answers into a Google doc to include in your application. Please make sure your visibility settings are set to “Anyone with the link” or your application will not be reviewed.

⚙️ Mission Logistics:

  1. Create a Google doc or Notion page with your answers to the questions above.
  2. Apply for the Mission using the link above
  3. Note that we are unable to provide individualized feedback on rejected applications at this time. Please keep that in mind before you apply.

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