Rust Contract Dev for Solana GameFi

Rust Contract Dev for Solana GameFi

💸 $10,000 USDC for 4 Weeks of Development

Doge Track is a digital doge racing game on the Solana blockchain. They already have a community (Twitter, Discord) and a functioning game off-chain. They now require a Rust contract dev to help them create the contracts needed for the game to go on-chain.

These contracts will handle interactions on-chain for the game transactions and we will need your help to integrate them into the game using Solana's web3 JS API. As an extra bonus, their contracts will be audited by one of the best-known contract auditing devs in the Solanaverse, giving you extra bragging rights for future projects you work on.

🛠️ Scope of Work

Doge Track needs a skilled Rust developer with experience using web3.js. There are five areas of functionality that will be a part of the scope of this engagement. Each is listed below, with a visual overview at the very end.

  1. Track Contract to deposit and remove tracks into the game: Track owners can connect their wallets and deposit their tracks into the game to allow them to earn $DTRACK from races happening on their track. The track contracts will let other doge owners race on their tracks in the network, a race will happen every x minutes. The track owners can set token amount per race and class of doges that can race on their track (this will happen in our back-end however not in Solana network). The tracks should be required to stay in the game once added for at least 24 hours. Also considering a “cool down” period of maybe 5 minute or so after a race before the track can be used again, although I’m not sure this is necessary.
  2. Doge Contract to deposit doges into the game: Doge owners can connect their wallets and deposit doges into their “stable” of doges into the game. Once their doges are in the stable they can see the doge’s traits and they can then find tracks that match the doges class and race them for $DTRACK (race traits will be help in our back-end as well but we will need to store class & win percentage on chain).
  3. Doge Contract to enter a race: Once a doge owner finds a race they like they can enter that race by depositing the amount of $DTRACK needed for that race. Once a track has 5 doges of the same class that have entered the race then the race will begin. The race will be shown on screen with results from algo.
  4. Doge Contract when a race is completed: Once a race is completed the winner will get 80% of the $DTRACK tokens from the race, 05% will go to the track owner and we will charge a small network fee in SOL. After the tokens are distributed the doge’s in the race will have their win percentage and class traits updated (done on our back-end but stored on chain).
  5. Doge Contract to remove doges from game.

Visual Overview of Contracts

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