Rust Dev for On-Chain Ticketing Platform

Rust Dev for On-Chain Ticketing Platform

💸 $8,000 USDC for 5 Weeks of Development

Metapass is an on-chain ticketing solution that allows event hosts to create online and IRL events on-chain. Hosts can then create and sell NFT tickets for those events and token gate them among other uses. Metapass is already live on Polygon, but the team is eager to add Solana support. To bring NFT ticketing to Solana, Metaplex is looking for a Rust Developer proficient in the Anchor framework and Metaplex SDK.

The winner of this instagrant will be working directly with the Chingari team. The results of your work will go live for millions of their users, making this project an excellent addition to any Rust Dev’s portfolio.

🛠️ Scope of Work

Metapass needs a skilled Solana developer with experience working with anchor framework and metaplex sdk. Here’s what exactly you’ll be doing.

  1. Create a Metapass contract to store event data in accounts:
    1. Make a function to create and event in the anchor contract which will then make a Program Derived Account specific to the event and store all the data related to the event in the account. This is what we’ll use to fetch the data later and you’ll have to create functions in the SDK too for this.
  2. Metapass SDK to interact with storage contract and mint NFTs:
    1. Since third party platforms want to integrate ticketing into their app we need to give them an easy peasy plug and play solution to mint tickets, make events and fetch any data related to the event. You’ll need to create well designed and documented functions to fetch data, create events and mint the NFTs.
  3. Use Metapass contract to invoke mintNFT on Metaplex to mint tickets:
    1. The buy ticket function in the SDK should call a function in the Metapass contract which take the data from the events respective account and uses cpi to invoke the master edition mint on Metaplex’s contract. Also ensure that the account minting the NFT pays 10% of the NFTs cost to us as a convenience fee.
  4. Write good Documentation while building the SDK:
    1. Nothing sucks more than trying to work with a tool which you have no idea about how to use, we just want you to write down what does what so we can put it in Gitbook and use it ourselves plus third parties can use the SDK easily.

Visual Overview of Architecture

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