Rust Dev for Social Token Platform

Rust Dev for Social Token Platform

💸 $8,000 USDC for 6 Weeks of Development

CrowdPad is a tokenized community-building tool for the everyday creator. They provide creators with the platform to launch their own social tokens and build communities around those tokens using various pieces of tooling that facilitate high-quality community interactions.

For far too long, the creator economy has been built for the top 1% of creators who are able to crack virality and distribution. It’s for the same 1% for whom a majority of ‘creator economy tools’ exist today.

Crowdpad’s priority is the everyday creator. It’s you the upcoming musician and me the upcoming entrepreneur. It’s about how early supporters can participate in the growth of creators whilst also providing creators another asset base or revenue stream to fall back on.

CrowdPad is the first VC-backed social token project on Solana. They have a team of 5 today and are looking for lucky number 6 to join them as they gear up for their private launch in Q1 2022.

Bonus: If CrowdPad is satisfied with the proof of concept, you may be offered a position in the core team as well.

Scope of Work

Crowdpad is looking for a senior Solana dev proficient in Anchor, Javascript, Rust. Experience with the web3.js library is preferred but not required.

During the project, the winning applicant will be responsible for:

  • Creating the mechanism to enable the minting of social tokens
  • Integrating all major Solana wallets into the platform
  • Create a fiat onramp

⚙️ How It Works:

  1. Submit the application form (5 minutes).
  2. Wait for 48 hours to hear back.

Frequently asked questions
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How fast is "Instant"?

Grant requests are typically approved in 48 hours or less.

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