Create tutorials for Seahorse Lang

Create tutorials for Seahorse Lang

🎯 Mission Objectives

Seahorse lets you write Solana programs in Python. It is a community-led project built on Anchor. Developers gain Python's ease-of-use, while still having the same safety guarantees of every Rust program on the Solana chain. Low-level memory problems are handled by default, letting you worry about the important stuff.

Solana Foundation is looking for 3 devs to write Seahorse program examples and learning guides. Specifically, recreating the following, but for Seahorse Lang:

  1. Cash-settled European options protocol (reference)
  2. Escrow program (reference)
  3. Voting example (reference

Three people shall be selected to write a guide for each program. And shall be paid $500 for the deliverable.

🛠️ Scope of Work

  • Go through and understand existing Anchor reference guides,
  • Create similar program but in Python for Seahorse,
  • Create a tutorial / learning guide which people can follow to learn more about Seahorse.

🚀 Mission Screening Questions:

To apply for this Mission, you’ll first need to put together a lightweight plan. This plan should answer the following strategic questions:

  1. Are you a full-time developer? (Y/N)
  2. How proficient are you at write code in python? (1-10) And describe the most complex code you’ve written in python?
  3. How proficient are you at Solana development? (1-10)
  4. What is the single biggest technical challenge you have solved? (1-2 lines)
  5. Which of the three tutorials would you want to write?

Put the answers into a Google doc (you can make a copy of this document) and include in your application. Please make sure your visibility settings are set to “Anyone with the link” or your application will not be reviewed.

⚙️ Mission Logistics:

  1. Create a Google doc (can fork this document) with your answers to the questions above.
  2. Apply for the Mission using the link above.
    • Note that we are unable to provide individualised feedback on rejected applications at this time. Please keep that in mind before you apply.
  3. If you’re approved for the Mission, you will be informed within 2-3 days.
  4. 100% of the amount shall be paid upon final submission.

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