Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

πŸ’Έ $1,000 USDC for 1 Week of Research

Fantasy Sports is a $22 billion dollar market today, but the full potential of the industry has yet to be unleashed. Using Solana as its base, Phantasia plans to unlock new layers of utility and fun with its upcoming platform. Considering the billions of sports fans worldwide, we're bullish on sports-focused apps as one avenue to help onboard more people into crypto.

Unlike many projects, Phantasia already has a functional platform and thousands of users. They are now looking to turbocharge their growth by investing into marketing. They need a savvy Web3 marketer to help them generate a marketing strategy that can later be executed.

Bonus: If Phantasia loves your marketing plan, you may be offered a position in the core team as well.

Scope of Work

This project will require:

  • Suggestions for target audiences (either interest or geographically based), along with a plan on how to reach them
  • Crafting a rough content plan for various marketing channels (e.g. Twitter, Youtube, Discord, etc)
  • Researching the competition, both web3 and web2, to understand strategies others are using
  • Generating ideas for how Phantasia should position themselves in the market
  • Identifying key marketing metrics
  • Cost estimates for implementation of the plan

The end deliverable will be a marketing plan that will supercharge Phantasia’s growth. You will have access to the Phantasia team to answer any questions during the course of the project.

βš™οΈ How It Works:

  1. Submit the application form (5 - 15 minutes)
  2. Wait for 48 hours to hear back.
  3. If accepted, begin producing the research report.
  4. Present your initial findings.

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