Solana Dev for Mobile Social Token dApp

Solana Dev for Mobile Social Token dApp

💸 $8,000 USDC for 6 Weeks of Development

At CrowdPad, we’re building the Operating System for Creator DAOs (multi-sig, audio rooms, token gated events etc.). We’re the world’s first mobile social token app and are built on top of Solana.

For far too long, the creator economy has been built for the top 1% of creators who are able to crack virality and distribution. It’s for the same 1% for whom a majority of ‘creator economy tools’ exist today.

CrowdPad’s priority is the everyday creator. It’s you, the upcoming musician, and me, the upcoming entrepreneur. It’s about how early supporters can participate in the growth of creators whilst also providing creators another asset base or revenue stream to fall back on.

We’ve just closed our seed round, and are currently backed by Balaji Srinivasan & other notable angels and institutional funds ( to be disclosed shortly).

What’s next on product? Focus on shipping everything to mainnet by end-May, whatever it takes to make this happen. With a product that you’ll be beyond proud to share with your friends.

Scope of Work:

You would play a key role in our development team working on our native non-custodial wallet, multisig wallet, staking, social tokens, and quadratic voting. This would involve working on our own Dart libraries, firebase cloud functions and collaborating with other developers to integrate functionality. You will also have the opportunity to be involved in coming up with new, innovative ideas and solutions as we jam out on the future of DAOs and creator communities more broadly.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Experience building on Solana
  • Proficient in Javascript & Dart
  • Passionate about Web3 and blockchain technologies
  • Have a passion for good design and attention to detail
  • Flexible work timings, the only requirement is that you’re all about getting the job done on first priority.
  • Having a great degree of ownership and autonomy over products and technology that you want to execute on

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