Write About DAOs

Write About DAOs

💸 Get up to $500 to write about DAO Operations & Contributor Management

About Samudai

Samudai is building tools for the next generation of communities & DAOs. They aim to smoothen out operational inefficiencies to enable large-scale coordination and executions among DAOs.

Mission Objectives & Focus Areas

We are looking for writers & researchers who are passionate about DAOs. The broad themes you can apply under are DAO Operations & DAO Contributor Management. We have shared a few examples of topics below but you don’t need to restrict yourselves to that.

In fact, we encourage you to apply with ideas that you think are valuable, undiscovered, contrarian within each of these umbrellas.

DAO Operations & Management:

  1. What helps different types of DAOs & communities organise effectively?
  2. What are the different operating models being used by DAOs today (committees, sub-DAOs etc.) ? How should a DAO evaluate effectiveness of different operating models for their use case? What are more effective models yet to be imagined?
  3. Overview of tools for managing DAOs & communities. What are the best tools yet to be built?

DAO Contributor Experience:

  1. How should DAOs attract & retain the best contributors?
  2. What does a good contributor onboarding experience look like?
  3. How should teams organise, execute, evaluate & be compensated within DAOs?
  4. How should contributors manage work within & across DAOs? How does contributor compensation work?

Grant Amounts

  1. Writing Grants: $200 for an essay.
  2. Writing & Research Grants : $500 for an essay that includes meaningful primary research. Talk to the best DAOs & their contributors to validate and back-up your ideas.

How it Works ⚙️ 

  1. You apply to this mission by specifying the title & abstract of your essay.
    1. Tell us what you’re writing & why it is important to DAOs & their contributors.
    2. If you’re applying for the research grant, help us understand who you’re planning to speak with, how you’ll reach out to them
    3. Approvals will primarily be based on the proof of work you submit & your writer’s XP.
  2. Once approved, you will be invited to the Samudai discord. Here you’ll have access to their core team & community. You can leverage their operating expertise and network as part of your writing.
  3. Your essay must adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. Must be at least 1500 words, written in English
    2. Should be submitted as a public link on gdocs, medium, substack, mirror, wordcel, notion etc.
    3. Must not be plagiarised. We will run it through online plagiarism checking tools.
    4. All references must be explicitly credited (with links wherever possible - be nice)
  4. The mission amount will be paid out in USDC to your ERC20 wallet after you submit your essay.
  5. High quality pieces may be featured on the superteam & samudai blogs, with credit to the author of course.
  6. While only members & contributors can apply for the mission, you are welcome to work on this in teams of 2. Your partner need not be a part of superteam.
  7. You are eligible to claim Superteam writer’s XP based on your submission. The exact XP allotted will depend on the essay.

We receive tens of applications every week, and may not have the time to give detailed feedback on every application. Please keep that in mind before you apply.