UI/UX Reviews

UI/UX Reviews

Web3 is very different than Web2. But the one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of stellar UX/UI. If anything, UX/UI is all the more important given the novelty of the underlying technology. Our community of talented designers are here to help.

We'll work with you to create a bounty ($3,000+ USDC or equivalent of your token) and distribute it to our community. At the end of the bounty, you can expect a range of ready-to-implement designs. To ensure that the design actually improves usability, each bounty submission will include a thoughtful critique of your current designs. Alongside the critique, each submission will also provide a Figma design that solves the problems that were identified. The end result: a fresh design that not only looks great but also helps you deliver the best user journey.


  • Identifies problems with your current UI/UX
  • Dozens of ideas on how to solve the current problems
  • Polished designs come as Figma files, ready to be implemented by your team (or our community)
  • Syndication of the new design on our social profiles


  • You request a UI/UX Review using the link above
  • We’ll distribute the bounty to our community and on our socials
  • Our community evaluates the submissions and selects a winner
  • You compensate the winners directly

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