collaborate with the forefront of web3

superteam is the forefront community for web3, powered by solana.

Grant Partners

Work with Community Experts


projects for the community

Sponsor or participate in small tasks and projects in the Solana ecosystem.


fast grants to incentivize builders

Fund or apply for small grants to get started any projects — code, content or community for the Solana ecosystem. You might just make the next moonshot!


micro events and hackathons to get started

Organize talks, working groups, and office hours to help community devs get started with your APIs and SDKs.


structured programs for in-depth engagement

Work with the community to train highest-intent devs to become experts. 6-8 weeks of learning, building and earning with your team.


seed hyperlocal communities in every city

Organize events to bring contributors in your city and local universities to meet each other and earn together!

Go To Market

unlock new markets with our communities

Work with contributors to create larger programs with a combination of all of the above to open whole new markets and create a new ecosystem from scratch.

Love and Respect

be a part of history