Industry Leading Projects

superteam is the forefront community for web3, powered by solana.


Bunkr enables asset protection on Solana by utilizing the widely known TOTP (Time-based OneTime Password) 2FA standard


CandyPay is a low-code payments, minting and checkout solution built on Solana


Cubik is a decentralized funding tool to conduct secure quadratic funding on Solana


A Wallet and a POS that allow businesses to accept crypto, and also sell it.


Scaling Layer for Open Source Collaboration


Democratizing opportunity on the blockchain through real world assets


Execute is a powerful programming framework for building apps to enable Zapier-like interface for making trade actions.


Solana Social Legos so anyone can build sticky apps with ease

Intersect by Triggr

No-code automation platform for power users on Solana. Create any workflow, execute it automatically.

Little Bonkers

Little Bonkers is a Web3 Game designed to help onboard people to SOL by making it easy to earn SPL tokens through gameplay.

Little Unusual

A new world media production house powered by Superteam


Create on-chain events and sell NFT tickets


Real world user acquisition for Web3 Projects & Protocols


Decentralized UPI transactions verified on Solana

Root Protocol

Root is a hybrid of an automated market maker and an order book

Solace Protocol

A self custodial smart-wallet standard for web3

Solana Payments Hub

A front-page for everything payments on Solana.

Solana Tourism

A self onboarding guide for newcomers to Solana which handholds them from creating a wallet to trying out the most popular apps.


Buy real things with Solana tokens on your favorite ecommerce sites

Sunrise Stake

Offset emissions while you sleep, simply by staking your SOL

Superteam Security

Dedicated to help secure projects building on top of Solana

The Solana Bridge

The Solana Bridge enables seamless asset transfers between Solana and rest of the chains using Wormhole.


The first light client for the Solana blockchain

Making payments and invoicing on Solana a piece of cake

Wordcel Club

Decentralized Publishing Stack on Solana